“Safe Technologies” IG presented its products at SPIGF 2021

From October 5 to 8, 2021, the 10th Anniversary St. Petersburg Gas Forum was held at Expoforum. This long-awaited, especially in times of a pandemic, industry exhibition was once again open to all those interested in the chain of production, production and consumption, gas.

CJSC «Safe Technologies» presented at the exhibition its own developments in the field of transportation and use of natural and associated gas. Among the series of technological equipment: loading/unloading arms for cryogenic medium, CNG stations with gas engine, demountable intermodal tank-containers for transportation, storage and dispensing of gas of any state of aggregation. Among low-tonnage gas-chemical complexes are complexes for gas treatment and preparation on the basis of amine purification, complexes for methanol production. The latter are built on simplified, in comparison with traditional, methanol technology and are capable to process gas directly at the deposit.

Loading/unloading arms for cryogenic medium Loading/unloading arms for cryogenic medium

In addition, the complexes of industrial waste processing on the basis of incinerators of KTO series, as well as pyrolysis units TDP caused invariable interest.

Safe Technologies Group is always ready to offer its customers new technological solutions tested and adjusted for specific needs.

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