Safe Technologies IG for the armed forces of the Russian Federation

Technical solutions for the Armed forces of Russian Federation. Report by the representative of ST IG Konstantin Korolev

On June 27, 2019, as part of the International Military-Technical Forum ‘ARMY-2019’, which was held at the ‘Patriot-Expo’ in Moscow, a round table was held on smart technologies in the field of power supply to the troops and rear. The representative of the ST IG spoke about the innovations that the company could offer to the Armed Forces of Russia.

First of all, it is about autonomous gas supply. The benefits of gas as an energy source today are beyond doubt, and only the features of its transportation and storage, as well as historical trends, prevent its full use. The Safe Technologies SG has gained experience working with cryogenic spheres; in addition, close cooperation of the company with leading scientific institutions in Russia has allowed the creation of a container for storing and delivering a fundamentally new type of gas, not empty, but filled with special material.

Currently, ST IG produces tank containers for aggressive and cryogenic environments with the ability to transport, store and dispense media directly from the container system or modular refueling consisting of several such units.

Serial and proven equipment for the disposal of waste — Thermal Treatment Plants (KTO) and Thermal Decomposition Plants (TDP) — will serve the interests of the Armed Forces, both at seas and on land. As part of the report, Deputy Technical Director Konstantin Korolev emphasized the digital transformation of the national economy, which also affected the modernization of technological solutions offered by ST IG. Among the advantages of these solutions is not only their compliance with the principles of industrial digitalization. They are also equipped with automated control systems and have positive conclusions of the State Ecological Expertise on technology and equipment. Moreover, the equipment allows the use of the energy potential of waste (the use of utilization products in the form of heat and electric energy for the needs of the facility).

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