Safe Technologies at the conference CHEMDET — 2015

September 4-18, 2015 The V All-Russian Conference Chemical Disarmament — 2015, CHEMDET was held in Izhevsk.

In 2013, the last facility for destruction of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation was commissioned. In this regard, great attention was paid to the issues related to its further operation. One of the solutions proposed by experts of ST Industrial Group was re-profiling of these facilities for the processing of industrial and medical waste.

The participants of the conference also presented a report Problems Of Ecological Safety Of The Russian Armed Forces Today. Equipment Of Safe Technologies Production As The Main Solution To The Problem Of Waste Disposal.

Up-to-date waste thermal treatment (KTO) and processing (UTD) facilities, wastewater treatment plant (LPS) are the developments of Industrial Group and represents simple and effective solution for waste management in remote military camps on former military bases, firing ranges, airfields and other objects.

Portability and ease of maintenance of facilities meets the requirements of the mobility of military installations. Applied technology allows neutralizing the waste from the military-hold and to the medical, chemical munitions and rocket fuel. The entire line of plants passed the state ecological expertise.

Presented developments and implementation of integrated solutions for waste management systems for the military facilities aroused a great interest among the participants of the conference.

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