Representatives of Safe Technologies IG at the Environmental protection at the oil and gas facilities conference

On June, 7-9 the 33th All-Russian Environmental protection at the oil-gas facilities conference took place in Ufa city. The leading experts of the Russian oil and gas industry took part in the conference together with the government officials and researchers of process design and research institutions.

The challenges of environmental protection in oil-gas sector became key topic at the conference. The attention of the attenders was focused on the oil sludge and drilling mud treatment. The possible solution to this challenge was offered by Safe Technologies IG during the report Efficient oil sludge and drilling mud  treatment by TDP and KTO plants made by Safe Technologies.

The participants appraised the solutions offered by ST and stressed not only incineration but also pyrolysis process engaged for the treatment.  This pyrolysis process has the advantage of recovering valuable components from waste and also of having low impact on the environment. All Safe Technologies plants have permissive documentation from State Ecology Expert body. Delegates from LUKOIL referenced these plants positively since they had the possibility of witnessing their operation (some TDP and KTO plants are installed at several LUKOIL premises) others expressed their lively interest in purchasing the equipment.

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