Pyrolysis plant TDP-1-1000 treated Rosneft production waste

Pyrolysis plant TDP-1-1000 was shipped for RN-Uvatneftegaz. The equipment manufactured by Safe Technologies will recycle waste oil at the territory of the Uvat group of fields in the Tyumen region. Oil sludge, oil-contaminated sand, waste oil, geofabrics and rubber are among the waste types for treatment. Performance setting — 1000 kg/h.

This is the first pyrolysis equipment dispatch and cooperation of ST and Rosneft. Environmental security is a must for oil waste management, oil and gas companies environmental policy requirements, as well as Russian and international law. TDP-1-1000 fully meets these standards.

According to official estimates, presented at the Rosneft website, the total reserves of the Uvat group of fields has 1.2 billion tons of oil. TDP-1-1000 will provide not only environmentally-friendly waste disposal, but also make the process cost-effective.

Pyrolysis plant TDP-1-1000 for RN-Uvatneftegaz

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