Production of synthetic resins in Belarus: the media about the ST IG part

At the end of January 2017, Rechitsadrev, the leading woodworking enterprise in Belarus, successfully launched a new production of synthetic resins, designed and implemented by specialists of Safe Technologies Inc.

Regional media showed the interest in the event:

Valery Tuleyko, General Director of Rechitsadrev, in an interview with the Dneprovec newspaper noted that the use of resin production technology based on UFC-85 is an environmentally safe solution that prevents the formation of ammonia-tar water.

‘Supplier of equipment is Safe Technologies, well-known Russian company that actively put into practice innovative environmental projects’.

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According to the Dneprovec newspaper resins production is a major project of national importance, contributing to the imported raw materials substitution program. ‘Plant was erected in accordance with modern European technologies […] It is noteworthy that almost all the raw materials are domestic’, said Sergei Bolachkov, Director of Rechitsadrev.

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News portal Pravda│Gomel notes that the JSC Rechitsadrev was the first in Belarus manufacturer of urea formaldehyde concentrate.

‘Local resins production is not only the economy of currency resources, but it is the most important aspect in costs reduction’, marked Ruzhena Novitskaya, a spokesman of Bellesbumprom concern.

Industrial capacity will produce 31,5 thousand tons of urea-formaldehyde resins per year. Modern innovative equipment with automatic control system eliminates the risk of environmental pollution.

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