Power generation from waste: Microturbines Capstone and TDP pyrolysis plant as a single unit

The continuous strive for perfection of its technologies and equipment drives Safe Technologies IG to new solutions, more environmentally friendly and more efficient than previous ones.

Among those one could mention the unique facility uniting Capstone microturbine and continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800. For this purpose, the deal was closed between authorized dealers of Capstone Turbine in Russia – BPC Engineering and Safe Technologies IG.

This double unit opens doors to the construction of the self-sufficient power generation plant based on industrial and MSW treatment process.

For the last decade Safe Technologies IG personnel was involved in manufacturing and turnkey construction of the plants for hydrocarbon-containing waste pyrolysis treatment with recovering of the secondary boiler fuel, fuel gas, subsoil and carbon black. Capstone microturbines allow power generation virtually from all kinds of fuel gas including pyrolysis gas. Thus the waste becomes valuable energy carrier.

Such unit combining TDP plant and Capstone microturbine could provide electricity for some distant locations and objects, or lower peak loads to the electric power net. In addition, it could serve as an alternative power source in case of power failures – at the same time alleviating local waste issues.

At the moment the pilot plant is launched at the premises of Safe Technologies IG. This project is aimed at the unit operation on different kinds of waste.

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