Philippe Scholtès visited the grand opening of new waste treatment facility in Yaroslavl (Press review, VIDEO)

Pressed and launched in a test mode the new waste thermal treatment facility, brand name KTO-500, of Safe Technologies production in Yaroslavl. The plant is designed for the utilization of sand, sawdust, waste coal and other oil-contaminated soil, waste paint and varnish production by the order of Russian Railways. In short time, Yaroslavl will become more environmentally friendly due to operation of such equipment.

The waste is fed to rotary kiln and undergoes the heat treatment. Then, the heat moves through the pipes to the turbine plant, where it is converted into electricity.

Such a never-ending cycle. Generated electricity is used by the whole facility. Incidentally, solid waste and gas that is released during combustion is subjected to the multistage cleaning. Minimum emissions released into the atmosphere during the process. The productive capacity is more than half a ton of waste per hour.

New waste treatment facility in Yaroslavl is the result of cooperation with Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division, UNIDO. Philippe Scholtès, Managing Director of the Programme, also visited the grand opening, ‘This facility is impressive. I believe that its construction should serve as an example for other companies and other countries. It is important to replicate the experience of Russian Railways and extend it to the other countries.’

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