Waste treatment site: ST IG to participate in “The development of pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation” program

Safe Technologies IG will participate in the development of the first stage of the project for creation and expansion of pharmaceutical capacities on the basis of Moscow Endocrine Plant’s branch (Bryansk region). This stage involves construction of a site for decontamination, utilization of waste from active pharmaceutical substances production and for the disposal of hazard classes III-IV waste. It also involves assistance with receiving positive conclusions of Main Department of State Expertise and State ecological expertise for the project documentation.

This project is being implemented under the Russian Federation pharmaceutical industry development program. As is known, in the 90s this industry sector was stagnant. Even in 2014 the import of medicines was 76%.  Construction of industrial complex for creation of production of active pharmaceutical substances from plant origin raw materials and received by the method of chemical synthesis (narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances) is the project, which is intended to fill the severe shortage of domestic painkillers and psychotropic substances.

The works will begin with design of facilities for utilization of pharmaceutical production wastes on the basis of the existing landfill of Ramasukh city settlement, Pochepsky District of Bryansk region.

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