New shale processing waste treatment facility

Safe Technologies has begun to develop Thermal Decomposition Plant for the processing of finely dispersed ash fuel. The leading Estonian enterprise for the production of shale oil and shale-chemical products became a customer.

This waste is formed in the process of filtering shale resins and contains a significant amount of mechanical impurities, resins and gasoline. Fine dispersed ash-bearing fuel belongs to carcinogenic and toxic substances, which complicates their safe operation for human and environment purposes.

Pyrolysis technology lies at the very core of thermal destruction complex — the decomposition of organic raw materials without air access to produce pyrolysis gas, liquid boiler fuel and an inert dry residue. The facility includes two high-performance continuous pyrolysis plants TDP-2-2000.

International certificate of TDP-2 plant compliance with the requirements of the European Directive ‘On the safety of machinery and equipment’ (2006/42/EC) provides a seamless supply of equipment on the territory of the EU. The output of the Complex at full capacity is planned for mid-2018.

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