Maintenance of refractory-lining work on the frigate by the Day of the Navy

The frigate ‘Soviet Union Fleet Admiral Gorshkov’Operation of imported equipment entails a number of challenges that are particularly acute in recent years due to the policy of foreign countries in relation to our country.

Safe Technologies, Inc. was carried out maintenance of refractory-lining work of the imported incinerator installed on a board of the frigate ‘Soviet Union Fleet Admiral Gorshkov’, due to the manufacturer and supplier of the equipment warranty inability in July 2017.

The joints between the shaped refractory blocks deseamed, and sealed by high-alumina refractory mortar mass. In addition, refurbishment of cracks and chips was carried out. All construction mixes used in the maintenance work were made in Safe Technologies lining laboratory. The works were carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time enable the frigate to take part in the main naval parade in St. Petersburg, devoted to the Day of the Navy.

Recall that Safe Technologies, Inc. is the only Russian company that has experience of import substitution of ship incinerators for the domestic naval and civilian fleet within the framework of the state contract concluded with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The photo is used from MTC ‘BASTION’


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