LPS-200 landfill Leachate Purification System was sent to the Customer

In late May, Osmotics Company (part of the ST Inc.) shipped LPS-200 landfill Leachate Purification System with the capacity of 200 m3/day to MSW landfill in the Southern Federal District.

The quickest possible delivery of equipment to the facility was the one of the primary requirements of the Customer. Osmotics came through it and the system was manufactured and shipped at Customer’s earliest convenience. This was achieved due to the tried and tested manufacturing technology of wastewater treatment plant and own production site. Installation work and commissioning of the LPS-200 will also be held in a short time: the system was supplied as an independent modules component of high level of prefabrication. All technical equipment has been already installed inside, assembling of elements and utility hook-up are left to be carried out only.

Reverse osmosis technology ensures the purification of landfill leachate to the requirements that make discharging of treated water (permeate) in fishery ponds possible.

LPS of Osmotics make is environmentally friendly plant. The safety of the equipment is confirmed by the positive conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise.

LPS-200 landfill Leachate Purification System

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