Look forward to meet you at the exhibition WASMA-2016!

Safe Technologies once again will present its innovations in the field of environmental technologies at the exhibition WASMA-2016, which will be held in the Sokolniki on October 18-20. Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-200 is already familiar to regular visitors, but they will be interested to know that the complex tests based on the TDP-2-200 and power production equipment confirmed the feasibility of electricity generation from waste with a high content of hydrocarbon fractions.

Secondary resources are now in the focus of attention of the world scientific and technical ideas. In Russia at present, the interest in the direction of environmental activities is even higher, since 2017 was declared as the Year of Ecology by special decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The purpose of this decree and follow-up is to attract public attention to environmental issues and raising public environmental responsibility.

Advanced TDP-2-200 boasts an improved form factor — loading and unloading units now do not go beyond the installation, inscribed in the 40’ ft. container. Catalytic flue gases purification unit along with security system provides complete environmental safety of the plant, optional separation unit of pyrolysis liquid fuel fractions on gasoline and diesel fuel components allows to obtain high-quality conditioned product.

However, the most interesting are the possibilities of plant’s cogeneration. Produced fuel (pyrolysis gas) is sent to the gas power plants (Russian-made), the remains of gas and fuel oil are used to maintain the pyrolysis process, and the thermal energy of the gas can be used on local needs. Thus, there is the deep processing of waste to obtain maximum economic benefit.

ST specialists will meet you at WASMA-2016:

Moscow, Sokolniki, pavilion 4.1

Inside the pavilion — booth B335 (IG Safe Technologies)

External area — booth D105 (IG Safe Technologies)

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See you in Sokolniki!

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