Liquid waste treatment facility for NOVATEK-Purovsky Plant: control assembly is continued

At the production site of ST Inc. control assembly of КТО-3000.БМ.Ц. Waste Thermal Treatment Facility is continued. The installation is designed and manufactured by special order of NOVATEK-Purovsky Plant.

Incinerator КТО-3000.БМ.Ц. is designed for thermal treatment of liquid waste generated in the normal course of Purovsky Plant operation, processing of de-ethanized hydrocarbon condensate.

The complex consists of three production lines, which provide utilization of industrial wastewater and water-methanol mixture contaminated by paraffin up to 4 m³/h.

In late September, it is expected to dispatch a full set of equipment to the customer’s facility. Recall, NOVATEK-Purovsky Plant is part of Russia’s largest independent natural gas producer OAO NOVATEK.

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