Leachate treatment system for the landfill in Novgorod: main equipment shipped to the site

In the middle of February a large shipment of process equipment for wastewater treatment system SOS-160.BM.O was dispatched from the production site of JSC SMZ (member of Safe Technologies Industrial Group to its location. The system is designed to clean the leachate at the newly built landfill in Velikiy Novgorod. The customer — CJSC Novgorod Special Purpose Vehicle Company is the developer and general contractor of the landfill construction project, the launch of which is planned for 2024.

Units for wastewater mechanical pretreatment, contact reagent treatment, sedimentation, mechanical filtration, sorption treatment, ion exchange treatment, equipment washing, equipment for reagent preparation and batching, pH correction were included into the scope of delivery, as well as a reverse osmosis membrane unit.

The filtration technology based on reverse osmosis ensures purification of the landfill leachate to the requirements of the fishery water. Membrane selectivity (degree of purification) is 95.5 — 99.7% by salts.

The project is implemented on a turnkey basis: currently, the company’s personnel are supervising the installation at the site, after which the commissioning and warranty tests will begin.

 Shipment of SOS-160 leachate treatment system Installation of the ozonation tank at the landfill

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