КТО-50.К20.П Incinerator was shipped to Smolensk

At the end of May, Safe Technologies Industrial Group shipped КТО-50.К20.П incinerator from its production site. The customer is LLC Gagarin Tire Plant Edesko, one of the leaders in rubber goods treatment field in Russia (Smolensk).

Incinerator, with its capacity of 50 kg/h, will be the second unit in rubber thermal treatment complex at Gagarin Tire Plant Edesko. The first unit is the continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800, commissioned in December, 2015. This plant is unique facility for the continuous thermal decomposition process of tires in Russia. The facility is capable of obtaining liquid fuel oil, pyrolysis gas and dry subsoil from the high-calorific organic feedstock. The derived products can be used locally (including КТО-50.К20.П operation process) or in other commercial applications.

The commissioning of КТО-50.К20.П enables the Customer to implement its work plan in one more direction: collection and utilization of a wide range of municipal and industrial waste. Operation of incinerator in the complex with pyrolysis unit is a cost-efficient solution: liquid and gaseous fuel, derived as a result of TDP operation, 100% ensures КТО-50.К20.П operation needs. Thus, operating costs for MSW disposal are covered.

КТО-50.К20.П incinerator

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