КТО-150 plant was made for Kamenskvolokno JSC

Waste thermal treatment plant КТО-150 passed a test assembly at the production site of ST Industrial Group and prepared for shipment to the Rostov region. The customer was Kamenskvolokno JSC.

Kamenskvolokno is the largest national producer of synthetic fibers and cables, special purpose belts and others. One of the priorities of the company’s policy is to preserve the environment. KTO-150 plant of Safe Technologies make will be installed at the production facility to solve the challenges of the safe disposal of industrial waste generated at the production facility. The intended use of the equipment is thermal treatment of solid polymer waste and liquid chemicals used in the production of synthetic fibers.

КТО-150 is equipped with an automatic solid and liquid waste feed unit. The productive capacity is 150 kg/hour. The plant is equipped with modern flue gas cleaning system.

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