Joint workshop of Gazprom and Safe Technologies: innovative product for elimination of oil pollution

On July 7 in St. Petersburg joint workshop of GAZPROM and Safe Technologies took place on the topic of Environmental Clean-up by Means of Hydrocarbon Biodegrader BIOROS.

BIOROS is an innovation designed for decontamination of oil soaked soils and oil spills both on water and on ground. The product is developed and patented by the Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Head scientific center of GAZPROM.

The event was launched with the speech by Oleg Aksiutin, the member of the GAZPROM Executive Board. In the course of the workshop representatives of the institute drew a line after 10 years of research and testing, which resulted in the emerging of the new BIOROS substance, efficiency if which exceed the best analogues both in Russia and abroad. BIOROS features both high speed of the oil component destruction reaction and wide range of working temperatures, from +5° to +45°C.

The main manufacturer of BIOROS under the terms of the license agreement is Safe Technologies Inc. During the practical part of the workshop, representatives of Gazprom VNIIGAZ and its subsidiaries have visited Safe Technologies industrial site — ST-Arsenal plant, where a ceremonial commissioning of the installation for the production of the substance was carried out. The delegates also visited the microbiological and chemical laboratory of the enterprise, where the process of preparing the material took place.

To date, a pilot batch of biodegrader weighing about 8 tons was produced. As the press service of Gazprom informed, during the workshop, it was noted that the manufacturer of oil biodegrader BIOROS is an example of effective cooperation between Gazprom and domestic enterprises on the organization of production of competitive import-substituting products.

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