Installation of the column of liquid effluents detritiation is done

Recall, Safe Technologies completed work on the production of a set of equipment for the liquid radioactive waste treatment plant (LRW) by the order of the FSUE RosRAO.

To date, the demo column is fully installed at the facility also by specialists of ST Inc. Installation of mass transfer nozzles, designed and manufactured under the project, was carried out under the supervision of a qualified staff of Intareks (part of the ST Inc.).

The work was carried out in the shortest possible time. In February, customers from Japan visited the facility and inspected the installation, since its purpose is directly related to the accident at the NPP Fukushima on March 11, 2011, when three NPP were struck out of order because of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. That led to a radiation accident of the maximum level 7 on the INES classification (International Nuclear Event Scale).

Demo operation of the liquid radioactive waste treatment plant is only the first step in the search for the real technology that can ensure the elimination of the consequences of the nuclear power plant Fukushima accident. Radioactive wastewater, contained tritium, is a major problem, since the usual technologies of treatment of contaminated waste are not applicable in this case. It is expected that the successful results of the experiments in a pilot plant of the domestic production will serve as the beginning of the work on the full-scale project to eliminate the effects of the Japanese disaster. According to media reports, the complete elimination will take about 40 years.

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