Industrial Complex on waste oil processing at Kuyumbinskoye oil field: annual results 2016 (VIDEO!)

BT-Promotkhody Service Company fulfilled its contractual obligations on drilling waste processing at Kuyumbinskoye oil field. The Company has completely covered the contractual capacity of 11600 tons of drill cuttings in 2016.

This project was actualized as a part of the program on reducing negative impact on the environment by the order of Oil and Gas Company Slavneft. The program’s primary goal is to infuse the advanced technologies to ensure the transition to pitless drilling. Sludge is collected for utilization directly from under the drilling screw. Next, waste is transported to the temporary storage and then it is fed to the TDP-2-800 for further processing. This particular concept eliminates the need of storing drilling sludge permanently in sludge pits or depositing it at landfills.

Let us recall, that the industrial Complex was launched on April 25, 2016. During the plant operation, the following marketable products were obtained:

  • 10 500 m3 of pyrolysis gas, used for continuous operation of two TDP-2-800 units
  • fuel oil, used for the plant operation and for other production needs
  • process water, used for preparation of drilling solutions

The key product is a dry residue or subsoil. Its quality is certified by tests and documentation. Dry subsoil is in demand in road and site construction, reclamation of sludge pits, landfills and open pits and it may be used as a deicing agent due to its high content of sodium salt.

The most important advantage of oil waste treatment is a complete lack of additional waste generation during the operational process and after its stabilization.

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