Incinerator КТО-50.К20.П provides thermal waste treatment on the Vostochno-Sarutayuskoye oil field

In the middle of October 2016, Waste Thermal Treatment Plant КТО-50.К20.П of Safe Technologies IG make was successfully commissioned on the Vostochno-Sarutayuskoye oil and gas field. The plant is based on custom-tailored incineration technology designed for the disposal of most types of the waste, formed on the field: solid municipal waste, oil sludge and various types of industrial waste. The equipment was commissioned under the normal conditions.

Vostochno-Sarutayuskoye field, discovered in 2003 and developed by OJSC Lukoil, continues to be constructed. It is located in 150 km from Naryan-Mar. Total area of the field exceeds the territory of Slovakia. The climate is severe as it is a permafrost zone there. Due to climatic conditions and landfill nonexistence, incineration is considered to be the only one way of waste utilization on the field.

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