‘…How Petersburg wins in the fight against waste’ according to the specialists of ST IG: a review of the media

A panel discussion The City and the Garbage: Who Wins? How Petersburg Wins in the Fight Against Waste was held on February 14, 2017. The meeting was carried out in the Center for Import Substitution and Localization of Saint-Petersburg (Lenexpo) under the theme week Ecology of the Urban Environment. Representatives of government, business, science and environmental NGOs discussed city ​​ environmental issues.

Safe Technologies Head of the Environmental Department put forward the relevant proposals in the debate and its performance has caused a wide resonance and attracted the attention of the media as a result:

As Karpovka internet newspaper reported, the main task, according to experts, make every citizen of St. Petersburg to deal with garbage. According to the source, Olesya Epinina, the Head of the Ecology Department of Safe Technologies IG proposed to introduce fines for indivisible collection of hazardous waste.

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In another article, Karpovka quoted Olesya Epinina, ‘There are already enough existing measures regarding separate collection of hazardous waste in St. Petersburg. It is required to carry out educational work to every citizen, thus people realize how dangerous some of the items that are sent to the trash bag. In companies financial penalties should be set by the Director, and in residential buildings – legislatively.’

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Import Substitution and Localization Center of Saint-Petersburg passes the words of Ivan Serebritsky about the importance of such meetings for all participants. It should be also noted that the site of the Center includes the best companies in the field of environmental protection.

According to ABSOLUT TV, in spite of the apparent interest to the best international practices for the collection, storage and processing of waste, large-scale implementations of these technologies in St. Petersburg do not occur. At the same time, the rate of accumulation of municipal solid and industrial waste cannot but disturb the public and environmentalists.

Business diary On the Table of the Head reported that waste management activities and construction of waste treatment facilities would gain financial support from the federal government.

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