Heat exchanger for КТО-1000 is ready to be shipped to Ust-Luga

The work on the production and painting of the heat exchanger, which is in scope of supply of the heat recovery unit installed in the incineration plant, brand name КТО, has completed.  The equipment will be delivered to the Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga, which is currently underway for the construction of КТО-1000.

The incinerator is designed for thermal neutralization of solid waste and sludge generated at the port. Operating mode is continuous. The plant ensures an effective utilization of both solid and liquid wastes. The productivity is 1000 kg/hr. This excess heat generated during operation of the equipment in the form of hot water will be redirected for premises heating.

At the end of production activities, the experts of Safe Technologies will provide commissioning of the facility and placing into operation.

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