Gas boiler is commissioned at the BT-Arsenal plant

Start-up works on the gas boiler were completed. This boiler is intended for heating and hot water supply of BT-Arsenal plant that is a part of the Safe Technologies IG.  It should be noted that only workers of the company are able to start up the boiler. All permission documentation to operate are obtained. According to the advice of Russian Government, the Safe Technologies IG started to use gas resources for heating premises, because Russia has a quarter of the world’s gas reserves. The boiler consists of 2 gas units with a total thermal rating 1,16 MW.

Advantages of gas boiler:

  • lower operating cost than liquid fuel
  • negligible impact on the environment, during the process of gaseous combustion the carbon dioxide and vapor are formed

Since 2002, Safe Technologies IG is a supplier of the equipment for heat and power complex. As for today, in the framework of the gasification program in the Russian regions, company promotes to use the gas recourses for boiler units in Zabaykalsky Krai.

Gas fired boiler unitGas fired boiler unit

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