Container for asymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine shipped to Roscosmos Space Infrastructure Operation Center

In the beginning of June 2016 Safe Technologies IG shipped fuelling and transportation container for asymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine for the Client – Federal State Unitary Enterprise Space Infrastructure operation center. The equipment was designed by Safe Technologies IG and manufactured at Sosnovy Bor manufacturing facility (JSC SMZ). Container is designed for storage and transportation of rocket fuel components, which includes ensuring special storing requirement control and sampling.

Due to extreme toxicity and explosiveness of the dimethyl hydrazine strict requirements exist in relation to its transportation and storage, involving extensive safety precautions. Equipment of Safe Technologies IG make is known for its reliability; specific design features, quality welding, high ATEX class accessories ensure safety of dimethyl hydrazine handling. Prototype of the unit underwent testing in Krylov State Research Center supervised by experts from Sea Register. The equipment and its materials of construction were checked against the international and Russian codes and regulations with all types of required destructive and non-destructive testing.

The equipment features service controls circuits that are capable of relating signals into one control unit, thus facilitating all processes of fuelling and storing. The container unit is assembled in the frame of 20’ ft. container and is suitable for general shipment conditions.

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