Consignment of equipment was shipped to the Lithuanian concern Achema AB

Batch of the process equipment for methanol-free formalin/UFC-85 plant with the capacity of 100 thousand tons per year was sent to its destination after passing the tests under the supervision of TÜV Nord professionals. The lot includes the following equipment: oil vapor capacitor, diphenyl mixture receiving tank, steam separator, air filter, blowdown capacitor, salt settler.

In addition, formalin absorber that is the most important part of the installation has left for the place of subsequent operation. It was made in full and all three of its constituent parts were sent to the industrial site of ​​concern ACHEMA.

Certification of design, production capacity (according to EN ISO 3834), welders (EN ISO 14732) as well as ST IG non-destructive testing laboratory (in compliance with standard EN ISO/IEC 17025) should met the EU equipment requirements governed by the European Directive 2014/68/EU. At present, the full package of documents received.

Attestation was also carried out by the TÜV Nord specialists, who became satisfied with what they saw at the Safe Technologies production site.

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