Complex of production elements of motor fuel at the exhibition Ecology of big city 2016!

The International Forum Ecology of Big City will be held on April 6-8 in Expoforum, St. Petersburg.

Traditionally Safe Technology Industrial Group presents its innovative equipment at the ecological events in St. Petersburg. This year did not came as an exception!

At the exhibition the company will display Motor fuel production plant consisting of two independent process units. One of them is a well-known in Russia pyrolysis plant UTD-2-200, another one is a distillation assembly and it is designed specifically for fuel distillation.

Pyrolysis fuel products produced on UTD plant is fed the distillation unit for further extraction of marketable synthetic product like gasoline or diesel fuel.

Product ratios and quality depend on the composition of the feedstock processed in the thermal decomposition unit In order to enhance performance of the rectification unit its columns are equipped with structure packing designed and manufactured by Intarex company (also a member of the Safe Technologies IG).

Environmental safety of the t UTD is acknowledged by State Ecology Expert body certificate, nevertheless, the plant now features new gas cleaning assembly. It includes catalytic afterburner based on platinum catalyst which totally prevents escaping contaminants into atmosphere.

Safe Technologies IG welcomes at the exhibition where its experts provide necessary information about the plant and technology.

The address:

Petersburg highway 64/1, Saint-Petersburg

CEM Expoforum, stage H, booth D2 (Safe Technologies IG)

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Ecology of big city - 2016

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