Column equipment: turnkey project of ST Inc. for the food industry enterprise!

Chevron countercurrent packingSafe Technologies employees started to design and manufacture equipment for alcohol industry – etheric column. The customer was the engineering company SpirtPromProekt LLC (Tambov, Russia).

The ether column, which is part of the Tatspirtprom distiller (Usadsky distillery), is designed to extract ethanol from the head part of the fractionating column and return it to the industrial cycle in order to increase the yield of the commercial product while preserving the quality.

The equipment is manufactured on a turnkey basis, using mass-exchange components of its own production. Chevron countercurrent packing (manufactured by InTARekS LLC, part of ST Inc.) and tailor-made selector valves design provides the required efficiency and throughput under the small dimensions, low weight and column cost. In addition, the liquid phase being pressed for residence time in columns equipped with countercurrent packing virtually eliminates the secondary formation of side impurities (such as crotonaldehyde) inherent in dish-shaped structures.

Column equipped with countercurrent packing of ST IG production is capable under minimal capital and operating costs to:

  • Increase the yield of commercial product up to 8%;
  • Significantly reduce the dimensions of the installation, which will make it possible to place the equipment in the existing production room, without alienating additional areas.

In the near future on the production site of Safe Technologies, the work on the manufacture of internals of the column will begin.

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