Automotive shredder residue (ASR) pilot trial operation of TDP-2-200

Successful commissioning tests of the continuous pyrolysis unit TDP-2-200 were held at the production site of Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland). In June 2018, the Complex successfully proceeded wood waste within the first stage of commissioning. The marketable products — pyrolysis fuel, pyrolysis gas and dry residue — matched stated specifications.

At the second stage, in September 2018, the pyrolysis unit was supplemented with a power generator C65 (65 kW) Capstone microturbine. The microturbine was tested on a pyrolysis gas and presented the maximum declared capacity.

Power production for the needs of the Customer essentially reduces operating costs, even more reducing already small environmental impact.

Modernized gas cleaning system of the TDP-2-200 unit specifically designed for operation on ASR will ensure full compliance with European Environmental Directives.

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