Pistachio nuts will ensure industrial technologies. Activated carbon production test was completed at the premises of Safe Technologies, Inc

Pistachios waste700 kg of pistachio shells was converted into activated carbon during the production test at the premises of Safe Technologies, Inc. The marketable activated carbon was produced in two stages. At the first stage, the shells were processed in TPD-2-200 continuous pyrolysis plant. Then the process continued in the reactor where carbon from shells was activated by steam at temperatures of 900-1100 °C during 15 minutes.

  • 225 m3 of pyrolysis fuel gas
  • 30 kg liquid fuel
  • 145 kg water
  • 230 kg of activated carbon

were produced from 700 kg of pistachio shells.

Activated carbon generated during the test was sent to independent laboratory for ensuring its compliance with GOST requirements for activated carbon.

Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200Activated carbon reactor

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