Acid tars processing trial tests at industrial site ST Arsenal

Acid tars are toxic waste resulting from the oil refining by addition of sulfuric acid. The utilization of acid sludge with high sulfur content (in some cases up to 70%) is a complex process. The best-known technologies of such hazardous industrial waste treatment are associated with corrosion of equipment, low economic benefit, and generation of substandard product as output.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group offers the optimal solution for neutralization and processing of acid tars, Thermal Decomposition Plant UTD-2. The trial test of the plant was carried out by the request of European company EKO OSTA at industrial site ST-Arsenal to demonstrate the treatment process of acid sludge with concentration of sulfuric acid of not more than 25%.

According to the results of laboratory tests the processed products obtained during the pilot run: pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas and dry residue, met the international quality standards.


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