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Purification of industrial emissions. Catalytic treatment plant SAFECAT

Catalytic oxidation plant SC for contaminated gases Platinum catalyst on fiberglass support of own development ENVIRONMENTAL AND INDUSTRIAL SAFETY!


Design of industrial facilities, buildings and structures Drafting basic technological and constructive solutions Architectural supervision

Highly efficient rectification columns equipped with countercurrent structure packing

Mesh and metal packing for column equipment Technical audit of existing productions, modernization, reconstruction and operational excellence solutions Rectification process design

Incineration plants

Treatment of various types of waste Capacity up to 4000 kg/h Multi-stage flue gas cleaning system ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

Refractory lining

Ceramic refractory production line provides high quality refractory lining to the thermal equipment. Manufacturing of aluminosilicate products Dry and soft mixture of different aluminosilicate composition with additives

Thermal Decomposition Plant

Pyrolysis plants for processing of : Oil and gas industry waste — oil sludge, drill cuttings, waste drilling fluids Urban wastes – tires, plastic, rubber goods, waste oils CONTINUOUS OPERATION MODE! ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY  

Liquid waste Purification Systems

Landfill leachate Purification Industrial Wastewater Treatment Water treatment for technological processes MULTIASTAGE WASTEWATER PURIFICATION REVERSE OSMOSIS TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

Non-standard equipment production

Calculation and production of non-standard equipment for the chemical, oil and gas industry: reactors catalytic reactors tube heat exchangers, etc. own laboratory of nondestructive testing

Medical waste treatment

High-temperature incineration process followed by a multi-stage flue gas cleaning. The incineration plant is equipped with an automatic control system that eliminates personnel involvement. Capacity — 100 kg h ENVIRONMANTALLY FRIENDLY

Methanol production facilities

Production of methanol directly in the oilfield. Benefits: gas production contribution methanol transportation and storage problem solution risk of environmental accidents on the highways reduction.

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